Hot Melt Adhesives

Amico Strong Bond Pvt Ltd has a wide range of hot melt adhesives for various industrial uses. Hot melt adhesives are advantageous as there is no drying time or curing time required. We proudly serve industries related to packaging, hygiene, furniture, mattress, food and beverage industries, tapes and labels, tobacco. Our hot melt adhesives products provide major advantages such as no drying or curing time is required. Volatile organic compounds are reduced or eliminated. Our product comes with a long range of expiration for 2 years from the date of manufacture. Our fully technically qualified team can help you run trials.

Applications in Packaging and Printing Industry

  • Hot melt adhesives for Corrugated carton closing
  • Hot melt adhesives for Tray Forming
  • Hot melt adhesives for Book Binding
  • Hot melt adhesives for Duplex box sealing & side pasting
  • Hot melt adhesives for Pick up Al Foil.
  • Hot melt adhesives for Aluminum Tape lamination

Applications in Furniture and Wood working Industry

  • Edge lipping
  • Edge banding
  • Finger Joints

Applications in Water, Food and Beverage Industry

  • Pressure Sensitive Hot melt adhesives for bottle labeling
  • Straw Fixing
  • Wrappers

Applications in Hygienic Applications

  • Construction – Hot melt Adhesives for Diapers
  • Elastic – Hot melt Adhesives for Diapers
  • Core – Hot melt Adhesive used in Hygiene industry
  • Positioning – Hot melt Adhesive for Sanitary Napkin

A wide range of quality products for construction, elastic, core and positioning, premium but cost-effective products, are available. Our construction glues possess high adhesion strength while the elastic glue provides good creep resistance. Positioning glue possesses optimal transfer resistance. Adhesive works on wet out film and for increased penetration into fibrous substrates such as non-woven and tissue. It works on PE film, PPF, non-woven, tissue or cloth.

Other Applications

  • Hot melt adhesive for Air Filters and Filter Assembly
  • Hot melt adhesives for mattress industry.